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DDD Recovery was born in South Florida – a place that has been continually devastated by natural disasters. When disaster strikes, homes are destroyed and valuable items are lost. Unfortunately, in times of devastation insurance companies often make this process even more stressful. Unwilling to pay out large sums of money to deserving people, the victims are forced to litigate with these insurance companies and often times are never duly compensated.

DDDR is putting a stop to this by providing undeniable proof of damage. By 3D scanning homes before disaster strikes, DDDR can provide full-proof evidence of damage and save the hassle of
dealing with insurance companies.

"Protecting against a storm is no longer just about plywood and sandbags, technology now plays a part in the protection by documenting your property digitally." 

Proper documention  prior and after a disaster can streamline the process accuratley, getting the maximum settlement possible. 
DDDR understands the process of filing and documenting insurance disaster claims. We know that experts in negotiating with insurance companies are a valuable asset as they work hard, know the system well to expedite and negotiate well on your behalf to get you the maximum settlement possible. 

Our system is designed to help experts capture and document your property and  valuables prior to, or after a disaster. Our platform will allow secured private cloud storage of all of your digital documentation giving you secured access and peace of mind 24-7 with access from anywhere in the world. 

When you sign up for our service we will set up your protected account and upload all of your media, this includes photos, videos, 3D files and PDF files. 

The objective benefits of our services: 
1- Years of experience in 3D and digital visual production
2- Full service one stop visual digital services 
3- Using the latest technologies and combining them to give you     the best digital visual documentation
4- National network of professional 3D photographers
5- We  provide certified service credentials that will be admissible for your claims
6- We also offer drone (Aerial) video production

7- Next day delivery of all media

How 3D Immersive Media is Helping Protect Against Property Damage
Bill Schmitt01/22/2018