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Frequently Asked Questions

Affiliate FAQ
Q: Is this service for any home type and of any value.

A: Yes this service is recomended to anyone that owns property and wants to have proper documentation in event of a disaster claim.

Q: Is all my information secured.

A: Absolutly, the account settigns are set to private as are links, so your information is very safe. 

Q: Is the documentation time stamped

A: Yes when we process all digital files they are time stamped with date and time.

Q:Will my insurance company accept this as prior proof of condition.

A: Yes, this is actually a much better way to document as it can not be altered and it can be reproduced into print format

Q: If there is damage to a specific area of the home will the process pick up all areas. 

A: Yes, we do not photograph the structure we scan it in 3D this means that we pick up all details in scale and to a precission of 98% 

Q: How does it work in the event of a claim.

A: DDDR will open a free account for your documents to reside on cloud servers, you will have access to the information from any where in the world at any time (24-7-365) so you would share this with your public adjuster or insurance adjuster. 

Q: Can we add items that are purchased after the service

A: Yes, you will be able to upload, pictures, videos and PDF files

Q: How long does it take to get this service done.

A: A typical condominium up to like 4 bedrooms can take as little as 45 minutes and a single family home about 1 hour give or take few minutes. 

Q: Are there any ongoing charges. 

A: Your first year of hosting is free and second year and any year thereafter will be billed at $49 for the whole year. 

Q: In event of a disaster will your company come back out to document the damages. 

A: That is up to you and your adjuster, it would be best if you did so that we can match files in other words we can visually overlap and see the damages

Q: In the event of a disaster can your company provide images of specific areas that were damaged.

A:  Yes, our technology allows us to identify an area zoom and shoot screenshot and take proper dimensions. 

Q: Is this service accepted by insurance companies 

A: Yes, there is nothing that can be rejected is the same as having a picture, a video or proof of purchase. 

Q: How much does the service cost

A: Please refer to our pricing section of the website. 

Q: Do you also document exteriors.

A: Yes, we scan all vertical structures. 

Q: Do you scan the roof

A: Yes, we can scan roofs for an additional charge, the charge is based on size and complexity of the structure. 

Q: In the event of a disaster do you charge for scanning the property again.
A: Yes, we charge a fee for the service the cost will be the same as the original scan. 

Q: Can we tag items within the documentation

A: Yes, we provide up to 5 tags that can be linked to other media, any additional tags are $7 per

Q: We rent our home and we carry renters insurance do you recomend that we protect ourselves with this service as well

A: Yes, remember insurance companies are not always looking out for your best interest so if you have solid back up of facts you will always get the proper settlement wich could represent thousands of dollars in your favor. 

Affiliate FAQ